The Superior Mounting System in the Weighing Industry

The freedom of movement is what makes the Swing & Roll mount unique. Every time a truck drives on and pulls off the truck scale, the mount self-centers and is immediately ready for the next truck. It is the only mounting system that truly perfectly readjusts itself time after time. The truck scale is always in perfect mechanical trim. Also, the self-centering capability of the Swing & Roll Mount removes a need for an exactly level base for the truck scale. It adjusts itself when extreme temperatures expand and shrink the steel in the weigh bridge. Each mount is made with special alloy tool steel, exclusive in the truck scale industry. Check rods are obsolete and not needed in the heavy duty Apollo Zeus truck scale.

Technical Description:

Depending on the length of the scale 4, 6, 8, or 10 are the number of top plates (shown on the right) that are bolted beneath the main weigh bridge beams, holding the entire scale plateform along with the truck. This top plate is the saddle mounted to the weigh bridge, the saddle having an upper surface adapted for attachment to the weigh bridge, and having a pair of downwardly extending arms having substantially semicircular cut-outs in bottom edges of the arms, a bottom pin on which the cut-outs of the arms rest, the arms being freely rotatable on the bottom pin, a pair of link plates having a top hole and a bottom hole with the bottom pin extending through the bottom hole of the pair of link plates and being freely rotatable within the link plates, with the link plates being spaced apart, a top pin extending through the top hole of the pair of link plates and being freely rotatable within the link plates,a base, and a compression type load cell mounted

on the base and having a substantially hourglass shaped medial groove, with the top pin resting in the medial groove of the load cell and the bottom pin passing below the load cell, wherein the saddle is supported in a manner that allows the saddle to swing longitudinally on a combination of the top and bottom pins and the pair of link plates, and further allows the top pin to roll transversely on the medial groove of the load cell. So unique the United States issued a protected patent.

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